Shoulder neck rigid boxes: Enhance your packaging

Shoulder neck rigid boxes are very versatile and are known as the best packaging solution. Shoulder neck rigid boxes become the ideal choice for all industries. Not only do they just look amazing and unique but also they help to secure your products. You can design them beautifully according to the design of your product. In this article, we provide everything that you need about the custom shoulder neck rigid boxes. Let’s start!

What are shoulder neck rigid boxes?

Shoulder neck rigid boxes could be in any size, style, design, and color at wholesale rates. These are the best packaging options and are composed of two parts, the upper cap covering the shoulder and the lower cap. These boxes are made up of sturdy materials that are used to prevent any kind of damage to your products. You can design them in your way according to the choice of your targeted audience.

Features of shoulder neck rigid boxes

Shoulder neck rigid boxes have become the best choice for all kinds of businesses due to their unique features. Well, there are many features of shoulder neck rigid boxes. Some are discussed below. Let’s have a look gimkit!

Excellent packaging option for fragile items

Shoulder neck rigid boxes are considered an excellent option for fragile items because these boxes are robust, durable, and long-lasting. They also offer many features like neck boxes that are non-collapsible and offer an extra layer of protection for your products and can take your brand to the peak of success. Shoulder rigid boxes are also known as shoulder neck rigid boxes because they have flat surfaces on all six sides.

Shoulder boxes are constructed in a very intelligent way: the neck Tray is the part of the inside of this box and the lid or base attaches to the tray. The neck tray is also attached to the base to provide an extra layer of stability. These are known as the shoulder neck rigid boxes because the lid can slide over the tray and rest over the shoulder. Hence, these boxes are the best packaging solutions for your products.

Easy-to-use packaging

Shoulder neck rigid boxes are made up of high-quality paperboard that makes them sturdy, shippable and easy to use.These boxes ensure that your products are delivered safely without any damage( external or internal). You can also add many inserts like you can add multiple layers and cushions to store more than the single items.

Offer custom printing

Customization plays an important role in the construction of the shoulder neck rigid boxes as you can add many decorative details to your boxes. You can also add your brand’s logo, single-line brand name, and many photographic images to your boxes to give them a luxurious appeal. These custom rigid boxes offer many printing options like offset printing, foil embossing, UV coating, ink embossing, and many more. 

You can choose many methods to get an enhanced trendy look. You can apply custom printing options to the outer and inner sides of boxes. Shoulder neck rigid boxes offer many finishing options that you can choose to get a premium finishing look, you can add essential varnishes, water-based lamination, ultraviolet, and thin film to protect your boxes from moisture, water, and humidity. You can choose your best option and idea to elevate your branding.

Enhanced Durability 

There are many products like candles,perfumes, decorative glass, objects, antique pieces, jewelry, cosmetics, and edible items that can be stored in the shoulder neck rigid boxes. The Durability of these boxes is due to their perfect maintenance. The closure of these boxes is with a friction, top cover which provides an additional layer of protection. Shoulder neck rigid boxes are made up of precise chipboards in various dimensions and then processed using foil cutting and gluing.

Neck boxes with logos

Shoulder neck rigid boxes are mostly used in gift packaging. These boxes are shipped worldwide with inside your items. Shoulder neck rigid boxes are made up of superior and high-quality material that will help to impress the customers and leave a long-lasting impression. You can choose many finishing options according to the needs of your product. You can also add product information on the box like logos, brand names, and many additional options. These options can help you to explore more famous markets.


Shoulder neck rigid boxes have become the best choice for all kinds of business online. They can provide an elegant look to your product as well as secure them from any kind of damage. So, if you want to run your own business then simply focus on the packaging and shower neck rigid boxes are the best options for branding.

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