All you need to know about PÉPICO Body Sculpting

If you are searching for effective and PÉPICO safe fat loss treatment, you should ideally choose the non-surgical and non-invasive treatments for fat removal.

The technology of fat reduction & treatments has improved a lot in recent years, as most of the people, especially modern women love to see themselves in perfect shape and attire.

Why should you go for non-surgical fat removal treatments?

Most of the people of today’s world have extremely busy work schedules almost every day, and all remain pretty exhausted. So, they do not usually get enough time for regular workouts. Thus, the wish of maintaining a toned and trim body often remains unfulfilled as the people develop stubborn and niggling fat pockets.

Under such circumstances, non- surgical methods of body fat removal like PÉPICO Body Sculpting can be of great use as this is beneficial for removing fats from the smaller sections of the body like arms, tummy, inner thighs and chin. This method of treatment works really fast and is safe at the same time.

Also, this treatment procedure has no downtime, scarring or painful after effects. PÉPICO also tightens the skin and thus offers double benefits.

If you have developed stubborn little fat pockets and if these affect your confidence levels, you can now easily treat this through the non-invasive method of PÉPICO Body Sculpting.

Unhappiness regarding your body shape is indeed disempowering. Choice and confidence are certainly empowering, and you can receive vyvymanga the same with the help of PÉPICO Body Sculpting. This method is safe as well as effective.

What is meant by PÉPICO body sculpting?

PÉPICO body sculpting is a non-surgical way of fat reduction that can shift those last few centimeters off by burning the excess and unwanted fat in your body. The treatment uses all the latest ultrasound technology for body shaping. In this method, some high intensity of focused ultrasound is being used to reduce excess fat in the body. No downtime is involved in this treatment procedure, as no needles or surgery is involved. This treatment also rejuvenates and tightens the skin area very effectively.

How does the process of PÉPICO body sculpting work?

A macro-focused circular ultrasound is being used to eliminate the excessive and unwanted fat of the body very precisely. The niggly and little stubborn fat pockets can be treated with this procedure.

The ultrasound targets the fat cells by the usage of deep dermal micro-heating. This specifically hits the areas to a temperature of 60-70 degrees and permanently eliminates the excessive fat cells.

The ultrasound can visibly tighten the skin while reducing the fat. The high frequency of ultrasound that is being used lifts and tightens the skin and rejuvenates the same.

 Although this is a very specific heating treatment for destroying excessive and unwanted fat cells, this does not harm the skin or irritate the skin under any circumstances during the 30 minutes treatment session.

There is no pain involved in this treatment, and you can opt for this treatment without any preparations. For example, you can opt for this treatment during your lunch break and then get back to work immediately after the session is over.

Advantages of PÉPICO treatment

1. Eliminates adipocytes

The pépico body sculpting process eliminates adipocytes, localised fat, and lifts skin using non- ionized and low-frequency waves to create intense heating effect. The heat does not affect the outermost layers of the skin while treating aging problems such as fine lines, wrinkles, and saggy skin. The procedure hardly needs any recovery time and visible results can be seen in about 2 to 3 months.

PÉPICO results in the retraction and restructuring of collagen and elastin molecules and stimulates the body to produce new collagen. This leads to a tightening of the skin that occurs through natural fibroblast stimulation.

2. Shedding that excess weight easily

Shedding that excess fat can be pretty stubborn in some areas which is very difficult or almost impossible to lose with exercise or any form of diet. On the otherside, pépico body sculpting can melt away stubborn fat within a few painless sessions and help you attain the look you have always dreamed of.

The treatment makes use of high-intensity ultrasound waves that are focused to a depth of

1.3 cm which is enough to target the adipose tissue. The focused energy passes through the layers of skin and other tissues to reach the layer of fat. The ultrasound generates heat as high which is enough to destroy fat cells. Through the body’s healing process during the recovery phase.

3.  Non-invasive treatment

The PÉPICO treatment is not only used for skin tightening or fat reduction, but also used for prostate cancer treatment. The low-frequency ultrasound waves target the cancerous lesions in the prostate region to destroy them. During the treatment procedure, the ultrasound waves work with precision within the surgeon’s defined target areas. Hence, they do not cause any damage to the surrounding tissues.


The major benefits of PÉPICO are that it is non-invasive, and no needles/chemicals are being used in the treatment. There is no risk of complication or infection involved. So, opt for the PÉPICO body sculptingtreatment and get the body shape of your desire.

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